"Being able to match prospects to listings and send an email submission has allowed us to respond quickly to enquiries."

Kristen Marsh

Learn how we can improve the marketing and efficiency of your real estate business.

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Why choose AGENTWARE?

AGENTWARE is the only online agency listing and CRM solution available on the market that has been specifically developed for commercial real estate.

AGENTWARE is easy to implement and use.

AGENTWARE is able to be integrated with your company website and provides an easy to use content management system. Amongst other features, it allows prospects to be tracked and property listings to be managed.

AGENTWARE is totally scalable allowing additional users to be added as required

AGENTWARE will allow you to communicate efficiently with your prospects and clients online

AGENTWARE is available 24hrs a day and accessible anywhere via Internet

AGENTWARE offers you the ability to broadcast emails from all contacts to selected groups or even individual prospects.

We can provide you a total solution for your online needs.

Personal support from one point of contact for all your online needs.